Arduino + Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio


I've been learning to use Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio, for sometime now, and I was wondering about the possibility of communicating with an arduino from RDS, if it's possible to upload programs directly, or at least send/receive values?

Note: The problem is I'm not familiar with the C# language, I know C very well since It's the programming langage for Arduino. Could you show an example code to achieve a communication between RDS and arduino?

Thank you very much

Just FYI, you can program Arduino in C++.

Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio comes pre-stocked with programs for different embedded platforms which only map a serial communication protocol to device inputs/outputs. There is no example code because the communication happens between their precompiled programs and Robotics Developer Studio. You never actually write code that runs on your embedded platform, you only write code that runs on your computer. At least this is how it was explained to me by a Microsoft employee.

The idea to write a program that runs on the Arduino board, but is not the actual code to run is great! I was wandering how to do this, but I'll need "a little" suggestion about the code for the Arduino. Some examples? Ok, it must communicate with MRDS through an internet Wi-Fi shield if possible and must run the code, but how?