arduino Mini Pro upload sketch

Hello, i have a Arduino mini pro but no USB to FTDI, however, i was wondering whether or not i can use this instead? i will upload a picture. I used a female to Female DuPont wire to connect the pins. i know there are other ways, such as using an UNO and removing the chip and stuff, but i was just curious if this method could work. I used the 5v to connect to the Arduino Mini Pro, tx and rx and Gnd respectively. Your help is much appreciated !

Looks like a USB/Serial adapter to me.
May have to connect a Reset Switch that you will manually press when the IDE shows “Compiled xxx of 32xxx bytes”.

How do I connect a reset switch?Thank you

See the pin on your promini labeled RST? That's the Reset pin. Connect a Normally Open Momentary contact switch between that and one of the Gnd pins.

Next time you buy a usb-to-serial adapter, buy one that has more pins (or solder holes). You need one with the DTR signal.

Without the DTR, you have to press a reset button yourself. It looks as if the board already contains a reset button ?

In Windows you also have to install a device driver for that usb-to-serial adapter.

yes the board already has a rest button.. so can i just hold it down? or do i still need to connect to RST? Thanks!

One more thing, when i connect my USB to the PC,i need a driver for the USB TTl right? is there any way to obtain it? eBAy is of no help in identifying its model....can i just google USB to TTl Driver?

You have to find the device type, to find a driver. Your usb-ttl adapter looks like this one: That is a Prolific PL2303.

You don't have to add a reset button if you already have one.

If you enable more compiler and upload output (File / Settings), press the reset button and release it just before or at the same time the avrdude is started.

Sometimes have to press & hold reset, release when IDE says "Compiled xxx of 32xxx bytes". Sometimes just click reset once when you see that is enough. Depends on what your sketch is doing. Press & hold usually needed when you used the Rx pin as an output and the PC is trying to send in data.

Hello, thanks for the driver!! my Pc detected it under COM 18! however, when i connect the tx,rx gnd and vcc from the board to the USB, i cannot upload the sketch via Arduino IDE. arduino detects COM 18 and i have set the board to arduino mini and held the reset button down. Any suggestions? thanks again!

just to add to my previous post, before i connect the arduino to the USB, it detects as COM 18. When i connect to arduino, it cannot detect anymore. i tried browsing for the arduino driver, but it also did not work...

There is no "arduino driver", there is just the IDE trying to talk to the part thru the USB/Serial adatper. You may need to swap Rx & Tx around. In the IDE, select Tools:Board:promini (5V 16MHz with '328 if that's what you have, or 3.3V 8MHz - can't tell from your picture) Then Tools:Serial Port and select the COM port for your part (sounds like COM 18) then File:Upload (or, the upload button (right hand arrow)) and it should compile your sketch and load it in. Start with something simple, like File:Sketch:Examples:Basics:Blink, and change the delay times, make the onboard L LED blink.

Hi, i tried reversing the the rx and tx but still no luck =( i even tried to use different pins.. if i hold the RST button, there is no blinking lights at all. is this normal?

Ok this is wierd, i pulled out the VCC from the arduino and the power light is still on?? i pluggd in the Tx and GND only...

Just click the reset button once when the IDE says "compiled xxx of 32xxx bytes". You only need to hold it AND then release it when the IDE says "compiled xxx of 32xxx bytes" if you had a sketch that had the Rx pin tied up. Otherwise, just a single click is needed. May take a couple of tries to find just the right time to click it.

hmm ok will give it a go! btw when i connect all tx,rx,vcc and GND, the light blinks slowly....when i remove VCC and RX, it blinks there an explanation to this?

Hmm, sounds odd. In the 2nd case, what is powering the board?

Exactly my point…its either there is something faulty, ( ebay products) oooor my place is jinxed! or maybe i lack understanding on how it works…haha below i the attachment of my connection

You have to connect GND, TX and RX. If the Arduino uploads a sketch, it communicates with the Arduino board, and data is read and written.

Some manufacturers print the label 'TX' for the transmitter pin, connect that to RX and vica versa. Some manufacturers think they are smart, and print the label 'TX' to notify that the 'TX' of the Arduino must be used. So you will never know how to connect TX and RX, try both ways.

hello guys, i tried the rest method and it did not work as i planned, so i got the ftdi from ebay it worked fine! realised that the rx and tx are inverted though. i have to use the FTDI board backwards in order for it to function.

Some manufacturers think they are smart, and print the label 'TX' to notify that the 'TX' of the Arduino must be used.

you were right lol thanks a bunch!