Arduino nano 33 BLE bootloader


I made my own custom PCB based on the NINA B306 microcontroller module also present on the arduino nano 33 BLE. I program my PCB via SWD using a JLink EDU mini external programmer.

I made a sketch in the arduino IDE and exported it as a binary to flash on the NINA to verify that everything works. But this doesnt seem to work (I verified and can see it in the memory). I assume the bootloader normally present on the arduino nano 33 BLE points towards the memory location of my program but that this bootloader is not present on my board and the program is not on the correct location. Is there any way to fix this, I tried looking in the bootloader but I can only find a hex and bin file so I cannot find where it points to.

Maybe I can flash the bootloader and afterwards my sketch but on which starting memory adress do I do this?

Thanks in advance

Okay so I was able to solve this problem with the help of the discussion on this issue:
Use MBED with Arduino MBED compatible board ? · Issue #19 · arduino/ArduinoCore-nRF528x-mbedos · GitHub.
The sketch has to be written starting from memory address 0x00010000, assuming that the bootloader is also flashed.

Thanks for taking the time to post an update with your solution @rvl5!