Arduino Nano 33 ble sense intro tutorials

I bought a Arduino Nano BLE Sense for a project I've been thinking of doing. I have some experience with Arduino Uno programming and I've downloaded the tools for the nano on the Arduino IDE on my laptop. However, I have no clue whatsoever on how to program with the nano. What is the best way to get started on learning about nano BLE sense programming?

After you learned about the basics you probably like to investigate BLE as well. Have a look at the ArduinoBLE reference with a short introduction.

I would recommend you program the following example into your Arduino

File -> Examples -> ArduinoBLE -> Peripheral -> Battery Monitor

Then install a generic BLE app like BLE Scanner, nRF Connect, EFR Connect (available on iOS and Android) to your phone and connect to the Arduino. Look at the service and characteristics and compare the data with the source code.

That should get you started with the BLE basics.

Check the Docs page for Nano 33 BLE sense.
Arduino Docs:

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