arduino Nano actual fuse

I messed up this morning , I somehow blew the fuse on my Arduino Nano 328P (old bootloader ) V3 . I can see the fuse is blown ,its under the micro usb port .Does anyone know what value and where I can get a replacement smd fuse? I could just solder link it together but why would I want to do it if I could just replace it.Thanks


Reading the schematics, tells me that it is a MFFSMF050.
You can use your favourite search engine to find sources for that.

The 'fuse' should not 'blow'.

It is not a conventional fuse consisting of a wire that melts/vapourises, but a thermistor that heats up and reduces the fault current. It 'resets' when allowed to cool.

See the datasheet for further details.

A classic Nano does not have a fuse.
It also doesn't have a poly-fuse.

If you make a mistake on USB power, it will blow a small smd diode under the USB socket.

Test the Nano first with 5volt on the 5volt pin, or 6-9volt on V-in.
USB upload should still work.

If you can solder smd, any small Schottky diode will do as replacement.
The 1N5819 is common.

John Lincoln , thanks for your replies as well as the others, If I jumper out the device that is listed as F1 it lights up the leds, so my best guess is that it is an open circuit. If I just plug it into a usb source, it should at least light up an led and it doesn't.

WAWA < i can solder a SMD so thank you for the advise.So A diode has a polarity to it, what would the orientation be anode twoard the ch340 chip or reverse I did put 5vdc on the 5 volt pin from my arduino along with a ground and still it did not light up. Thanks

There are many pictures on Google showing the diode with the cathode line towards the CH340.
Google "Arduino Nano diode", and go to images.

If you have put 5volt on the 5volt pin, and the nano didn't work,
then it might be time for another Nano.