Arduino Nano and mini USB host shield


I am trying to control an Arduino Nano using a PS3 controller. I am using mini USB host shield and running the USB HOST SHIELD 2.0 library. When I run the PS3BT file, the serial monitor returns “PS3 library started” and then nothing. It doesn’t read the Bluetooth dongle in the host shield. I was wondering if my wiring is wrong or if i need to update anything in the code

Arduino Host shield
10 5
11 6
12 7
13 8
2 2
5V 1
3.3V 9

I also cut the 3.3V lead so the USB can get 5V from VBUS

Thank you.



A link to the USB host shield data sheet would be helpful. Possibly you cut off the logic power of the shield?

Hi aghobri,
I wanted to try a similar configuration for getting midi from a USB MIDI keyboard to an arduino nano.
Did you get it up and running with your PS3 controller?

Would you please be able to share if so? It would be very helpful.

When I was looking at the host and nano files you attached I noticed that you wrote that pins 6, 7 and 8 on host were connected to 11, 12 and 13 on nano

On the nano image these pins appear to be mapped as follows:
11 - mosi
12 - miso
13 - sck

although on the host shield I have which appears to be the exact version in your image (DuinoFun USB mini v2.0 Aug 16, 2014) I looked at the back of the device and see the pins are mapped:
6 - sck
7 - miso
8 - mosi

Later on I found this thread explaining that there is a mistake on the print on this board ... so seems like your wiring is correct

Please share if you managed to fix it already and how.

For me this actually worked with the above configuration when trying to use the usb host shield v2 with an arduino nano.

I used it for reading midi over usb from acorn masterkey and playing the notes on an SN76489 chip.

Thanks for your post, it helped me get the usb host shield v2 up and running.\\

Hope you were able to make it work for you and if so, it would be awesome if you could share what was the problem and how you fixed it.