Arduino Nano Drivers for Windows 10

I have a problem with the configuration of my Arduino Nano as I can't upload anything to it. Does anyone have the correct drivers for Arduino Nano in Windows 10? Thank you.


Start with what the problem is?

Is the board recognised in device manager and shows up on the IDE?

If so, it’s not a driver problem. If it is a clone or older original Nano, try the ‘old bootloader’ option under tools → processor. If it’s a 2018 model original Nano, make sure that the board manager (part of the IDE) is v1.6.21 or newer.

If the board is not recognised in Windows device manager, you need the driver. You need to identify the ttl-to-usb on the Nano first (visual inspection). Most clones ship with the CH340 chip and you need the driver for that. Do a search on this forum or the web for; I’ve downloaded mine from a Chinese site, not sure if I tested it under Win10 but it works in both Win7 and Win8.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR ANSWERS! I have tried with the Old bootloader option and I could upload my program. You helped me a lot!!!!