Arduino Nano & ENC28J60 Ethernet & MQTT & RGB Control

Hello everyone,

I am a newbie to the Arduino scene. I have gotten a mega working reading sensors but have not tackled the ethernet mods.

Here are the parts I am using.

Arduino Nano

ENC28J60 Ethernet Shield Stacked

I am trying to build a Cabled Ethernet MQTT client RGB controller.

I am not having much luck finding the correct code to accomplish this.

I am driving Mosfets for the 12V RGB strip.

I do know I need the UIPEthernet library which I have installed.

I am looking to do Fixed IP address.

with MQTT subscription to Home/Lighting/Accent1

using PWM to control RGB.

Does anyone have the code they would share with me to get me started?


Internet search for "UIPEthernet MQTT" gives lots of answers. Perhaps this one might be a place to start.

With any new hardware or software I usually work through the examples first before diving into my own project.