Arduino Nano & NT7108 Graphic LCD Module 128*64

Hello Arduino community,

I have recently purchased a 128*64 Graphic LCD Module with controller NT7108, see this link for the exact model:

I am wanting to program this module using an Arduino Nano but have had no luck finding a wiring diagram and Arduino library for this particular controller. I was able to successfully program a different 128*64 LCD using the u8g2 library, however it seems that this library is not compatible with the NT7108 controller. This new LCD also has different pin labels to the previous one I was using, so I don’t know how to wire it. The reason for wanting to switch LCD modules is because the new one displays white graphics on a blue background which is aesthetically preferable for my project compared to the green screen display of the first module I was using.

I’m wondering if anyone out there has any experience with this LCD module, if you have managed to get it working on a nano or similar controller? If so could you please share with me your wiring schematic, the coding library you used to program the module and perhaps some sample code? I find the coding for these LCDs very unintuitive, at least in terms of the setup, and there is so much variation in the pins and wiring from module to module so I really need a precedent for guidance.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


The controller on your display seems to be compatible to the KS0108.