Arduino Nano Powering through Battery Help


I am new to Arduino and need some help.
I am trying to build an Arduino Nano-powered wristwatch contraption that when a button is pressed, an LED is turned on, and vice versa. However, I am having a hard time powering the Nano, as the small space required limits the use of a USB cable.

I am using a 2s 500 maH LiPo battery, and have tried to power it through the 5v pins and the GND pin. It powers the Nano on, but when I press the button, the board turns off.

Here is the wiring diagram and code that I am using: Control an LED with Arduino and a Pushbutton Switch | Make:

Any help would be appreciated!

I can’t see any wiring diagram on that web page. In any case it would be much more reliable if you make a pencil (or pen if you are daring) drawing of YOUR connections and post a photo of the drawing.

Also post your program code here. And please post your program using the code button </> so it looks like this