Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect sleep mode and interrupt wakeup

I bought the brand new ARDUINO NANO RP2040 CONNECT Board and I am intending to use it in a battery-powered situation that requires long life.

What is the best way to put the RP2040 Conect in "deep sleep mode" to save battery-power ?

And how can I make it wake up via an external pin-interrupt ?

I first tried the RTCZero library but had to recognize that this library does not work with the RP2040 board !

Then I saw the Arduino Low Power library - but again this one is also dependent on the RTCZero library. Therefore again no option it seems.

Can anybody give me an idea on how to do the deep sleep with pin-interrupt wakeup on the RP2040 ?


Uping your topic as i'm also really interested in knowing how to do that with this board! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Any news in regards to the sleep mode on RP2040 connect?

No, unfortunately no news at all about sleep mode on RP2040 Connect.

Waiting for libraries' updates related to low power handling, I am looking at: pico-playground/hello_sleep.c at master · raspberrypi/pico-playground · GitHub
This seems the way to put in sleep the rp2040 according to the data
sheet at:

Can we use pico/stdio.h, pico/sleep.h and hardware/rtc.h for Arduino RP2040 Connect?
(If so, how can I include these files to my sketch? Is it something related to GitHub - earlephilhower/arduino-pico: Raspberry Pi Pico Arduino core, for all RP2040 boards? )

Do you think this could be a good way to implement the sleep mode?


Also waiting for the sleep and dormant functions to be brought into the arduino core

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