Arduino nano schematic

Google can see through the 'mist':
CH340 Driver

My electronic components experience is about 15-20% but as a projects I have a very deep experience. I didn't connect them over a breadboard because they are SMD components and to save time too I just draw the schematic and ordered the board.

I made previously a board that I just connect the arduino over it but for this project I'm trying to make the arduino and the rs232 module both built in the same PCB board.

A Nano uses an FT232L USB chip and requires a USB driver.
Does the CH340G require a driver and did you install it ?

Of course, if you use Mint (Linux), that becomes irrelevant. :roll_eyes:

OPs schematic and PCB.


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Neither of the crystals in your schematic have load capacitors.

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Should add 22pF caps from each pin to GND,
on both crystals.

I did three modifications to the circuit and finally succeed to program the chip using (upload using programmer option) BUT still when I burn the boot loader and connect the USB, the PC don’t recognize the arduino to program it without using another arduino!!!

what I changed are(I marked what I changed in the schematic with a RED circle “attached”):

1- I added 1k resistor between the reset pin and 5V

2- Replaced the crystal resonator of the ch340g chip with another one (which I removed from another arduino nano which must be 12MHz as you mentioned)

3- Grounded the max3232 which it was not.

Please could you draw your suggestions over the schematic to clearly understand you.

Are those 16Mhz resonators or crystals?

I used this one for the ATmega Murata Electronics|Murata Electronics CSTCE16M0V53-R0|Ceramic Resonators|LCSC
But for the ch340g chip, I used one from another arduino nano which was for the same chip but I don't know any information about it.

Load caps on the X2 the 340 crystal and X1 on the 328.
Note under lined items.

I would suggest you remove U4 if you have it fitted.
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If you will notice, his PCB layout already includes the footprint for the resonators quoted, which integrate the load capacitors. :roll_eyes: