Arduino Nano started smoking


I recently ordered some arduinos from ebay, I didn't realize it had different specs than the original Arduinos.. My other projects. I apply 15v to VIN pin and it works fine.

After I purchased these, I apply 15v to the arduino and I thought it should handle it yet the voltage regulator started smoking. As I looked on the ebay page I noticed in the description it says it takes 5-12v of external power.. Are arduinos made differently(I bought it cheap but didn't know it had different components).
Here is the eBay link.

Can I add a resistor to the VIN pin and the power supply wire to reduce the voltage? Or how would you suggest being able to power this 12v Arduino with 14-20v? Also, I am just powering the Arduino along with the RGB pins on LEDS. The leds have 12v pin, R, G, B which I have the proper components for. If the length is about 6ft, will the solution be enough current?

Thanks All!

Classic official Nanos (there are several newer Nanos) are not any different from Nano clones.
They both are specified for 7-12volt on V-in.

At 12volt, you can't power anything else from the 5volt pin without overheating the regulator (so no RGB LED).
More input voltage means that the linear regulator has to work harder to reduce it to 5volt.
A problem, because there is very little heatsink on a Nano.
Many have released the magic smoke by powering them from 12volt (>=9volt).
You are lucky that your one has worked on 15vollt.

Use a 12>5volt buck converter, and power the Nano with 5volt on it's 5volt pin.

A USB cigarette lighter style car adapter with USB lead might also do.

Use a 12 → 5volt buck converter, and power the Nano with 5volt on it’s 5volt pin.

Yep. Only recommended way to do it.

Universal advice: Forget the on-board regulator on all the “classic” Arduinox.

I apply 15v to VIN pin and it works fine.

Look at the tech specs tab.

Where did you get your “original arduino” specs?

Tom… :slight_smile: