Arduino Nano Wiring Questions for Compact Project

Hey Guys -

I'm designing / building a project with minimal room for components which I have a few questions about, please. Below is a list of components, the latest sketch (also attached if it doesn't come through), and finally the questions...


  • Arduino Nano
  • 5V Power Supply (PowerBoost 1000 + 3.7V Battery)
  • x14 LEDs (Each in sketch counts as two wired together
  • x7 330ohm resistors (x1 per pair of LEDs)
  • Piezo Buzzer
  • 330ohm resistor for Peizo Buzzer
  • Servo (Standard / Micro)
  • 0.96" Inch Yellow Blue I2c IIC Serial Oled LCD LED Module
  • x2 Standard push buttons
  • Probe Antenna (Wire with 3.3ohm worth of resistors connecting it to ground + A0)
  • DHT22 sensor
  • perf board /w horizontal rows for Arduino's GND + 5V


  • Instead of connecting components to Arduino's 5V, would it be better to connect directly to 5V source?
  • The probe wire is used to detect sensitive EMF. I'm worried that the 5V power plus cables will interfere. Any suggestions to try to isolate or shield it as much as possible?
  • Any other suggestions for minimizing the space being used :slight_smile:


Why not replace the LEDs and associated wiring with a NeoPixel strip? One pin, no resistors.

For tiny packages and handhelds my goto is 30 AWG stranded silicon wire. This stuff is the bomb!

Not a EE guy so maybe I'm wrong but. Arn't you just going to read ground on your analog pin the way its wired?

-jim lee

  • I think it does not matter in your case since your source voltage is already regulated to 5V. I'd do whatever would minimize the overall package size.
  • I'm not sure this would work but it might be worth covering everything except your probe in aluminum foil. This goes a good job of preventing emf from escaping your device. I recently made some shielded wires for a capacitive probe that really improved the signal reliability. It was a pia but I didn't have time to wait for shielded cables.