Arduino newbie Project proposals

Hello All,

My names Jake and I'm completely new to Arduino and electronics in general. I have basic knowledge of the subject but no real experience with it.

I work for a company designing pure water cleaning systems for the commercial cleaning market.

Some of our systems our vehicle mounted and have large water tanks, currently we use very simple method to display the water level which involves using a clear piece of tube and a fluorescent float in the tube.

Which is always snagging and being pulled out of the tank.. Not cool.

My 1st proposal for a project is the following.

I want to place the water tank on top of four load cells commonly used in bathroom scales etc. to measure the weight of the tank, as a liter weighs a kilogram. and then display this on a digital display. Is this possible?


Currently we use a variety of analog gauges to read the following:

  • Water Temperature (Up to 90 degrees c)
  • Water pressure (up to 200 psi)
  • Hours Meter
  • Voltmeter (8 to 16 volts)

My question is ... Would it be possible to use sensors for each of the above and connect them to a single LCD Display and be able to flick through the different readings using arduino?

If yes does anyone know the components I would need to do so?

Up until now ive had no reason to get involved in the electronics side of things but i'd like to become more involved now

Thank you in advance

The answer should be yes to all your questions, what you are proposing is perfectly feasable. If you need help PM me

Need help!

PM me or email or get connected through various ways I offer under the signature of mine!