Arduino operating remote control buttons

I am trying to design an auto "button pressing" program with my Arduino. Basically, I want to solder connections to each button on the remote and have the Arduino complete the circuit when necessary. I am attaching an image of the remote. The top is the light. The top button turns the lights on and the bottom turns them off.
The photo link can be found here:


No valid link was given.

What is your question?

Sorry about that, the link is now valid. I just want Arduino to complete the circuit almost so that it will press the buttons and send the signal to the lights.

Depending on the way the switches are wired you might be able to use a MOS Fet to operate the switches.
However, without know how they are wired I can only suggest you use two small relays instead as they can supply a dry contact which will work in any case.
See: How to Use a Relay With the Arduino - YouTube

These will work for you:

Remember to use a coil suppression diode with the rwo relays.
Also see:


Back in the day I controlled an IR remote via the pc parallel port like below. I just used an NPN transistor across the appropriate button contacts.




You want a 74HC4066 - four switches in one.