Arduino PCB Spacer for "board stacking"?

Hey guys,

I'm looking for some spacers so I can stack my prototype boards together.

Any ideas what type we need? I've seen a few hints towards the 4-40 american standard but that, sadly, means nothing in the UK.

Can anyone suggest a stockist?

If you don't need the spacers to be threaded, get a diabetic friend to give you some used 1/2cc insulin syringes, and cut them to the desired length.

If you want them threaded, 4-40 screws are officially .112 inches in diameter, and M3 are .117, so M3-sized hardware should work fine.


Thanks Ran,

I suspect the syringes would have customs up in arms :)..

Hopefully ebay may have something.

M3 sized spacers fit the holes in the Arduino PCB. I suspect they're 3mm holes, in fact.

Ah, as someone in the UK, can you suggest a place to pick them up from?

I'm struggling somewhat here! Maplins is no good, no B+Q nearby. Ebay proving somewhat useless/