Arduino power consumption

What do you think about setting up a database about arduino boards power consumption? It would be very useful to decide which board, battery and, maybe, solar panel to buy to power a project.
Or does such a project already exist?

Original boards are quite a lot (nano, mini, lilypad, Uno, Leonardo, Yun,...), but including in the database also copatible boards would be of course useful: duinomite, sanguino, freeeduino or whatelse, depending on what you have!

I think just 4 measurements are needed:

  • "sleep mode"
  • standby
  • "Blink" sketch
  • "Compute" sketch (to be defined)

What do you think?

Which boards are you using?

it exists:

Basically it concludes, that if you want low power, you should use stand alone versions.
The processors use some power (which can be reduced by coding smartly), but the peripherals (voltage regulator in particular) are the real drains.

It is not exactly what you asked for, but I think the database would be more theoretical than practical.

Very generic but very useful!
Thanks a lot.

Sparkfun has a good tutorial on power consumption:

it exists:
Gammon Forum : Electronics : Microprocessors : Power saving techniques for microprocessors

It's a bit surprising that the measured power consumption @16Mhz/5V is about 50% more than the datasheet.
Figure 35-2 shows just under 10mA consumption for the 328p @16Mhz/5V.

Given the increase in power when using the internal pullups, I wonder if RSTDISBL would slightly reduce power, since the reset pin likely has the internal pullup enabled (RST is active low).