Arduino ProMini bootload using FTDI Basic

Hello dear Users,

I need your help.

I am using Arduino ProMini in my project.

In project board there is Atmega328P which doesn't have Arduino bootloader, and Atmega328P RXD, TXD pins are connected to FTDI Basic(sparkfun)'s TXD and RXD pins.
I searched on internet how to burn bootloader for arduino. Most of them use other Arduino's built in SPI or other method. Problem is Atmega328P is already assembled to PCB board and I cannot make any soldering or change. Atmega328 and FTDI basic are connected and assembled to upload sketch (if there is bootloader of Arduino inside of Atmega328P, no problem to upload sketch).

Is there any solution or suggestions to burn bootloader using FTDI?

Thank You.

Well, either your PCB layout was correctly designed to bring out the MOSI, MISO, SCK, Reset (with its 10k pull-up), Ground and preferably 5 V, or you have learned a critical lesson on designing PCBs, have you not?

The clever trick is to provide the holes on the PCB for a header as on (almost) all Arduino boards, but not to fit a header. Instead you use "Pogo pins" to program it.

If you are using a Pro Mini, then of course, all the necessary connections are already on its pins. And a Pro Mini can itself be used as an "Arduino as ISP" programmer (with the FTDI adapter).