arduino robot using skype . working video!!!!!!!!


with help (awol & cr0sh ) i build the robot it took 3days to do it , after i got the code from the member cr0sh

ok bye


seems like a familiar style to me ;)

good work! How it is the responsiveness? what software are you running in the netbook to control arduino?

responsiveness is very good

Looks like it worked out good for you!

I'm now off looking for the music behind your video (found it on Amazon, but I am going to check locally first)...


music behind the video

download and convert it to mp3

why waste money


Netbooks make things somewhat easy nowdays. I remember big desktops being used in similar bot setups, but powering the desktops usually was a real challange (batterys dc/ac inverters, etc). I need a good excuse to get a netbook. ;)

its good to buy one

i have samsung n150 i bougth this because it have 8 hour fo battery charge

I’m still trying to resurrect an old project… I’m curious on what you used to handle the system to system video/control link… Obvious wireless, but Bluetooth, or WiFi? and, what program? I’m still a novice on system to system networking… The project I’m resurrecting, is based on the old VeX framework. (already pulled the VeX controller, and trying to calibrate the Arduino servo.h library to the requirements of the VeX servos & motors. Scrapping the VeX sonic range finder for the Ping)), single I/O pin.)

It’s the system to system, I want to revamp, so I can control/monitor the robot (basic tank) incase it gets into trouble running autonomous, then take manual control, resolve the problem, or locate it, before returning it to autonomous mode. Already working on re-writing the control code I had for the VeX, but it’s only 1-way. (the old VeX RC transmitter/receiver.)

Thanks, Stephen

I'm curious on what you used to handle the system to system video/control link..

Most likely it is a wifi connection. With most current laptops/netbooks are portable and have internal wifi connectivity. Not much different than sitting on a coffee shop pattio and wirelessly video conferencing with somebody else somewhere in the world.