Arduino RTC Library

Hi All,

I was working on this library from past some time. Please do check.

Let me know if anyone interesting in testing in other arduino board or improve by contributing the code etc.

Suggestions are welcomed.

Check here. GitHub - cvmanjoo/RTC: A Simple Library for Arduino I2C RTCs

Manjunath CV


I saw your library now. I think its pretty good but it needs some edits. To publish it to arduinli library maneger you need to make new issue on github/arduino/arduino repo. But before that you must move your source code files to the root directory of your repo (now in src), after that make release (ex. 1.0) it must be the same release number as in the library.propreties. I forked it. I will look what exactly what it does and i will write you. Some email or something?

Cheers, Tomas

There are loads of RTC libraries already. What would make me want to use this one?