Arduino Scramble Traffic Lights Project

I'm currently working on a "scramble" (eg; Tokyo square) traffic light system and i was wondering if anyone has a few commands to lend. (Im fairly new to Arduino XD). I was wondering if anyone had a command to execute the scramble when both button a, and button b, are pressed. I currently have each buttons assigned to different a task. I was also wondering if anyone can lend a command that waits to executes the "scramble" until the on-going task is complete. :| And my final request is if anyone can lend a command that executes the "scramble" when both buttons, a and b, are pressed and cancels all on-going task(s). It would be much appreciated if you could help. :) ;)

Sorry but all my commands are in use at the moment so I can't lend them to you but if I could see your code I might be prepared to swap one of yours for one of mine.

hello KikiLite, for most member, we will not just lend you our code 4 you have shown some effort on making the project a success. you must know that we try to help for free, so there is no obligation for us to just give you the answer. however if you do show you best effort but still unable to complete the task that you desires than we are happy to help you in anyway that we can. so help us to help you.....

what you need to do is 1) post your schematic (if you have one and make sure its not very heavy but still detail enough for us to read the words on it) 2) the code that you have try 3) the working that you want your program to be able to execute 4) and how ur current program is deffer than what you want to archive 5) if there is an error please post all your error so that we can see and help spot the problem.