Arduino Security System works only 10 seconds

Hi All,

I've been working on a security project which contains an Arduino Uno, LCD display, Alarm and a 433Mhz receiver.

It all used to work fine until I needed 12V for my alarm. I use a 12V power supply and use that throughout the project. My electronics skills are really limited and so please excuse any plain mistakes or poor explanation.

I've created a diagram in fritzing and attached it to this post. At first it works fine (several seconds) but than the LCD starts to act weird and the 433Mhz receiver doesn't work anymore.

Could you please take a look at the diagram and check if you see any obvious faults? I'm not sure about the 12V and 5V lines with the common GND. Do I need to create separate circuits?

Please supply a real circuit. This layout is difficult to work out what is happening.


go the schematic tab on fritzing and take a screen shot of that.
what you posted was akin to

here is a photo of my circuit, can you help me

what we need from you is to show your code. read the sticky post on the top of every forum entitled how to use this forum.

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