Arduino, several devices on I2C

Hi! I am going to use the sensors HMC5883L, MPU6050, BMP180 and also RTC DS1307. We have Arduino Uno, Nano, Pro Mini. But the sensors HMC5883L, MPU6050, BMP180 are on the GY-87 board, not one by one. The problem is that the MPU6050 and RTC use the same i2c address, 0x68. Could you help me, how to connect these devices together? If there was a separate MPU6050, it would be possible to change the address to 0x69, but this is not provided for GY-87. Is it possible to solve the problem using two arduino? Or I have to buy separated sensors and change the MPU address to 0x69? Maybe there are some other ways? Thank you!

Adafruit has an eight channel I2C muxer. Leo..

use softI2C to the RTC or do a hardware change to GY-board. (6050s pin 9. heat and lift it off the PCB. connect via R to Ucc)

knut_ny: (6050s pin 9.heat and lift it off the PCB. connect via R to Ucc)

Yep, changing the address pin would work. Had a look at that before posting #1. I don't see how you could do that with a 4*4mm 24-pin QFN chip. The pins/fields are under the chip, and the breakout boards I looked at are running that track under the chip. Leo..

I see that now - pin option excluded (QFN). sorry