Arduino SIM PUK

The sim card included into ARDUINO SIM - MKR GSM 1400 CELLULAR KIT it supposed to have set a PIN = 0000 but in my case it is not.

Now is locked and I need the PUK code to unlock and set a new PIN.
Does anybody know where I can found it?


Did you activate the SIM?

Yes I did it already. Also I performed several tests trying to ping google and using the MQTT lib.
The client error is always -2 and sounds like a lack of data connection.
Due to this I put the sim in my cellphone and tried to change the PIN with one fail. After that I used the MKRGSM pin management to perform the change causing the PIN lock.

@fortuneteller Could you provide your Arduino SIM card's ICCID number for us to look into the issue? You can send it via our contact form at

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