Arduino Simulator Free Sites

Can anybody tell that is there any online sites for free in which i can make arduino connection diagrams (Arduino Simulator), Other than Tinkercad.

Searching for "arduino online simulator" you can find suitable alternatives, such as:

However I haven't tried out any of these...

I use Fritzing for drawing breadboard-like circuits (no virtual simulator) and KiCad for PCB design.

You can use electroblocks simulator

I hope you have already found wokwi Arduino simulator as the alternative simulator for Tinkercad. Both are good tools. I would also highly recommend you to have a detailed comparison made by Koepel on the Arduino forum (link). here, Wokwi Arduino Simulator and Tinkercad Arduino simulator are compared across various features. it is up to date..that is the good news!! If you have any questions about the simulator, reach out the friendly community at Discord

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