Arduino smart car sketch

Hello to all;

I bought a few years ago a smart car arduino kit. I had to abandon the project because of lack of time due to work.
I would like to work on this project again, but I can't find the CD with the tutorial and the different sketches needed to make the project work.
I contacted several times the amazon seller to ask them if they had a link to provide me with the content of the CD. They answered me and sent me a PDF. So far so good, I finally have the tutorial and all the steps to do, but the only link leading to a site to get the different sketches does not work (404 error) .... I have contacted them again, but I haven't had any answer from them for a month now.
I have searched everywhere on the net to find a site concerning this model of smart car, but I find nothing, no trace of my model.
That's why I'm coming to you today, hoping that someone has the same model as me and who can find a way to send me the different sketches.
I send you a picture of my model (no name or reference is written on the baseboard..)

I thank you in advance and I pray that one of you can help me

Can you share a link to that PDF or post some info from it here?

Or any information about the kit, at all, so we aren’t tots in the dark?


Sorry I forgot to send it in the post, I attached it :slight_smile:
Here is the link they gave me to get the different files

Your link

Sorry, unable to open the file at this time.

Try again.


I tried to send you an amazon link to retrieve the PDF but it doesn't work until we are connected to the account ..

Take a view here and search again:

It is strange that the first link I sent you does not work for you, it is a link to Google.doc :thinking:

In this link, the "program code" don't work (error 404) ...

In this link, no project corresponds to the one I have. Very often, the modules are different or the model is completely different from mine... :cry:

Thank you anyway

This looks like the one you bought:

Also on eBay:


Yes this is exactly the same ! :open_mouth:
I tried to find this on amazon but i failed o.O
I have this one but i have not the CD with all sketches needed ..

In the link that amazon provided me to find the tutorial and the codes, the part "program code" does not work and I can't retrieve them..

I just tried to contact the Ebay seller but I can't ..
This message appear " We're sorry we couldn't find an answer for you. Unfortunately this seller is not able to respond to your question. We suggest reviewing the item again to see if your answer is in the seller's listing."

Look this project,

RV mineirin

A lot of those sketches are poorly written.
I bet with a little work you could write your own.

At that price point you probably just have one dual h-bridge for all 4 motors, a single servo for the echo location sensor and some line sensing stuff.

Individually none of these are super difficult concepts to develop.

Together combined with millis() timing you could have it going with a few days or maybe a couple weeks worth of work, but you'd also understand and own the coding concepts yourself.

People will help if you try, but that's just one approach.

Thanks for the link
My project does not have a SparkFun Dual H-Bridge motor drivers L298, do you think it would still work with the provided sketch?

The manual linked to from the PDF:

This schematic of the chassis board might help in figuring out what pins do what, including the all-important "ANDRDUIO" (???) pin.

Unfortunately, the link to the Arduino sketches seem to be broken. :frowning:

They do give a contact address:

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"extinguish fire board"

Should be part of many projects.




Sorry I couldn't answer as I'm new to the forum..
This is unfortunately the one I already had.
I don't have any problem with the project setup, but I'm having a hard time with the coding part. :confused:
I will try to send a message to the address you gave me, I will see if I get a positive answer

If they don't answer, this article:

says that the email address belongs to "Jun Electronics" (a.k.a. "Jun-Electron" on, "Jun_Electronic" on They don't seem to sell that model anymore but maybe they know where to find the software.