Arduino + TLC5940 + CAT4101 : LED contoller

Hi All,

I have a need where I want to control 24 individual LED array connected through TLC5940 & CAT4101 LED driver.

I have 144 LED's in 24X6 LED array. These are high power 3W LED's. After searching I found out that TLC5940 can be used to increase the PWM pin's on Arduino.

I'm not sure how to connect TLC's output to CAT's input. Since the TLC is current sinking driver how can I use it to control LED brightness by sending signal to the PWM Pin of the CAT?

Some one has suggested to use 74LS TTL inverter to reduce the no. of transistors and resistors in the setup. I have created attached schematic for TLC + hex, please let me know will this work.


Sorry but that is not a schematic it is a collectin of boxes with off page lables.
Can you provide a link to the CAT device you speak of..
Generally you connect the outputs of the TLC to 5V through a 4K7 resistor, then use the PWM voltage developed at the TLC's output pins.

Sorry but that is not a schematic it is a collection of boxes with off page labels.

Well it might represent a schematic, but it is in fact, illegible.