Arduino to control EPOS2 50/5

How do we communicate between the micro-controller and EPOS2 through RS-232. And once we're able to communicate between them could we control the motor which is connected to the EPOS2 with Arduino's command or do we still need to use the command library from EPOS2?

If you provided a link (AS A LINK, using icon to the left of the X2 icon) to the thing you are trying to use, you’d likely get better answers.

Hi Jeffrey,

In the Maxon EPOS2 reference manual, you can find the instructions on how to communicate and control the EPOS2 via RS232.
I would say that it is an advanced topic and if you are just looking to control a motor without the need of retrieving a ton of data (like encoders values, etc…), I would recommend that you use the analog inputs of the EPOS2 and the PWM output of the Arduino to control the motor.

But anyway, if you still want to go down the RS232 route this is what you should do:

  • On the Maxon Website, look for the EPOS2 Communication guide
  • At the Section 3, you will have the Command reference to send and receive data using RS232
  • There is what is called an Object Dictionary where you can read the state of the EPOS and also write commands
  • By using the OpCode, you can specify the operation that you would like to do, either READ or WRITE
  • And finally you will need to create the appropriate “Request Frame” that you can send to the driver in order to either control the motor, or retrieve the data that you are interesting in by passing the parameters of the request.

Attached you can also see that even if you have many EPOS controllers, you can still control all of them using a single RS232 interface.

Hope that it helps :)!

Oh and one more thing, you will need to convert the voltage level of your signals from the Arduino from 0-5V to -12V, 12V I believe that the EPOS is expecting for RS232.

As you see, it is not straight forward, but can be a very good project to do!