Arduino to control two ADF4351

Hello all,

I am using two ADF4351 to create some reference signals and I need to combine them onto a single board. Up till now I’ve been using a really great library that makes interfacing with a single chip a breeze. To summarize, the atemga uses SPI to communicate with the adf4351 using a clock, data, and SS(LE as analog devices defines in datasheet).
However, now i want to use one atmega328 to write to two adf4351s. Is it going to be as simple as have a separate SS for each adf4351? And i can route all other programming lines in parallel between the two adf4351?

The datasheet says "Data is clocked into the 32-bit shift register on each rising edge of CLK. The data is clocked in MSB first. Data is transferred from the shift register to one of six latches on the rising edge of LE. "

Thanks in advance

I've only looked at the library example, but from this:

ADF4351 vfo(PIN_SS, SPI_MODE0, 1000000UL , MSBFIRST) ;

it implies that you could do:

ADF4351 vfo_1( 9, SPI_MODE0, 1000000UL , MSBFIRST) ; // SS pin 9
ADF4351 vfo_2(10, SPI_MODE0, 1000000UL , MSBFIRST) ; // SS pin 10

but you'd have to test it.