Arduino to mysql via serial port

I need help, my project requires me to get data from sensors connected to arduino and save it to mysql database in wamp server is it possible to do it via usb?

You will need to write a program on your PC to receive the data and save it to the data base.

This Python demo may help you to get started. There is a simple Python library called PeeWee that makes SQL database access easy.


Or you could use an Arduino with ethernet or wifi to send HTTP requests to a web page (e.g. This PHP script would then contain the regular logic (script code) to store the temperature value (31) into your MySql database.

Since you already have a separate database server you might be able to host a website on it too. Otherwise what Robin said is also a good suggestion. You could do that with Python, Processing, Java, .NET .. basically most programming environments. Bear in mind that a web solution provides great extensibility over a dedicated software proxy.