Arduino to QTcreator// Du Arduino au QTcreateur

Hello, I'm High school, i would like to connect arduino to QTcreator for ethernet. My objective consist to create a dynamic web page. thanks

Bonjour, je suis actuellement en terminale STI2D, j'aimerais savoir comment se connecter de l'arduino au logiciels QTcreator par une liasion ethernet. Mon objectif consistera de créer une interface dynamique sur une page web. Merci de me répondre au plus vite.

Are you serving the web page from the Arduino?

no, is it possible to connect without web page?

I would like to communicate on arduino the sensors to the network using qtcreator

Is the web server running on a computer?

If so, use HTTP to send data from the Arduino to the web server.
Look at the WebClient example in the Arduino IDE.

yes of course

but for qtcreator ??

It's possible

Hello, I’m High school, i would like to connect arduino to QTcreator for ethernet.

This makes no sense!

QtCreator is an IDE.

What you really mean is that you want to use QtCreator as an IDE for the Arduino.
The links provided above indicates that it is possible.

However, there is still no way to get the code loaded onto the Arduino through Ethernet if that is what you mean by “for ethernet” that you write in your post.

There is a French language forum if you are more comfortable communicating in your native language and at the same time get the help you need as you can be more clear in what you really want.


ok thank you very much