Connecting a Django website to Arduino code

Hi everybody, I'm new to the forums, so firstly, nice to meet you!

I'm using Django to run a basic website that connects to a simple database. The database is to store the current state of the Arduino. Simply put, I don't know how to send parameters between the Arduino code I have and the website I made using Django. Would anyone know a bit about this and would be able to give me some advice on how to continue or where I could read up on this?

Thanks a lot in advanced,

How are you going to do this without either an Ethernet connection or a wireless connection?

A web site is something that a client renders based on information it got from a server.

If the Arduino is not the server, it can NOT send data to a client. If the Arduino is the server, it can ONLY send data to the client when the client makes a GET or POST request.

You should REALLY forget about the Arduino until you have a much better understanding of clients, servers, and which can do what. That can be learned using nothing more than two PCs connected to the same LAN.

When you have a decent handle on that, try with two PCs on different LANs.

When you have a decent handle on that, get the Arduino back out of the drawer.