Arduino to read hardware info

Hi All,

First post here!

I have been searching on internet for some solution to read HW info of a PC (any OS) and could find a way of doing that agentless (in other words without an agent software installed in the client).

I would like to know if I embedded a library such as Hyperic/Sigar into a arduino USB device if I will be able to read target computer specs or will collect the device HW specs.

If someone could me point to any resource on that matter it would be more than helpful.

Thanks in Advance

It would only be able to "read the hardware specs" if the computer you connect to is willing to provide that information. Maybe windows 10 would do it (there seem to be a LOT of privacy concerns about it), but most other OS's aren't going to send anything out without having some utility running on the system that is told to send that information. The other option would be to physically remove the hard drive from the target computer and connect to it, but then you would have to know what to look for in reading the drive and if it was encrypted, you could not even do that. Anything else that would cause a system to spit out OS information on demand from the outside would be malware and should be blocked.

Hi Mikey,

Thanks for the answer.

I don't intend to scan content in hard drives, this tool is meant to be something similar to Zabbix/Tamnun/Microsoft SCCM but using a lightweight hardware, such as a USB stick to collect the data and send it through Bluetooth to a server.

I totally agree with your concern regarding malware issues and as a future professional product this tool will be presented to companies as a tool for IT security and management improvement.

Having said that I though of starting the HW scan from arduino and sending collected data to a server which will be presented in a user friendly manner.

I hope it gets clear what I have in mind.