Arduino tracking device

Hi Everyone, i am a newbie on arduino playground, already posted some topics where i foud the answers to my questions.
I saw on the internet a camera pan tilt device that follows the subject that brings a device to tell the camera to shoot in that direction. The link of what i am talking about is and i wonder to know if it is possible to build a device like that with Arduino.... I know that Arduino can do it but i am scratching my head to find the way to make the two devices connect between themselves. I thought about GPS tracking but may be there will be problems in closed places like Churches or buildings. So, my answer is, what is the best way to do this? Any suggestion will be appreciated :slight_smile:

A very powerful controller is required for such a device, and object/movement tracking software. Once an object is located in the image, pan and tilt react on the object moving left/right or up/down out of the image center. If the camera doesn't have auto focus, also the distance of the object must be determined, for focus adjustment.

A better description would help.
GPS and camera WHY.

There are/were commercial surveillance systems which used 2 cameras. The wide camera identified approximate position of target and was used to zoom in the main camera to that position to get an acceptable picture usable in a court.

These were proprietary and very expensive systems of their time.
Image processing requires a large amount of computing power when done in real time.

Hi, thanks to all for the answers. What i want is simpliest, all i want to do is have a little transmitter on the subject connected to the pan/tilt device with a fixed focus camera on it lie a Gopro or similar. I don't need any focusing system only let the camera follow the subject.
I am a wedding videomaker and i wanted to put this device on a pole on the side of the walk in the Church and when the bride walks along, the camera follows her. In the link i mentioned, the camera follows a little transmitter on the subject just like the drones that follows the subject with the transmitter.

So buy the Soloshot system. I expect that it is impossible to make something cheaper that works indoors.

The SoloShot works only outdoor so i think it uses some kind of gps tracking....

It would be much, much cheaper and easier to hire someone by the hour, to stand at a particular location and aim the camera.

You might try something like the old TV video game guns.

Use an IR LED and a camera sensitive to IR - i.e., no filter. This will yield one very bright pixel. Have your software center that pixel.

Somone on one of the FPV forums claimed to have used an arduino to track a couple of zigbees. Do not know the detail though.