arduino tx and rx pin troubleshoots

Helo everyone, i need help! Suddenly my hc-06 bluetoot cannot recieve any data from my android phone. Evrything is working fine before. But suddenly stop after testing my diy hbridge..

What i want to do first is to diagnose arduino Tx and RX pin if its still working.. Is there any method to test it.? BTW is this normal that the rx pin of the arduino have 4.3volt output? But when i connect the tx pin of the HC-06 module the rx pin of the arduino which have 4.3v output becomes 0volt or no output voltage. I have UNO board and powerd via usb..

Ive try a simple code to control the led13 via bluetooth but it seems not recieving anything from my android phone.

I would be very thankful for any kind of help.. Thank you!!

Hmm no sketch or error logs or schematics...

Crystal ball time...And YES it says its time for another coffee.

Ops sorry for the lack of info..
This is the code

int BluetoothData;
int ledpin=13;
void setup()
Serial.println("Bluetooth On please press 1 or 0 blink LED ..");
void loop()
if (Serial.available())
if (BluetoothData=='1')

When the bluetooth terminal is paired to the module, it gives me back a bunch of "0" and pressing 1 wont do anything..

Anyway i did test the HC-06 module with multimeter in buzzer mode and figure out that the HC-06 tx pin is shorted to the ground pin..
.is the hc 06 tx pin shorted to the ground pin by default? Or not?

If you can upload a sketch, the RX and TX pins on the Uno are still fine.