Arduino UNO and connection to internet

I would like to learn how to connect a UNO to the internet to both return info to my phone and send info to the UNO. With the help of the Arduino forum and YOUTUBE videos, I've been successful in using an old TV controller to control a relay through my UNO and I've been successful with Bluetooth control as well. I would like to move on to control through the internet. I'm looking to buy the ebook from random nerd tutorials and wondered if anyone had any experience with that. The ebook emphasizes the ESP8266 without connection to an Arduino. Is that the way to go?
Any suggestions appreciated. The forum has been very helpful to me. Thank you. I just want to keep learning.

Hello there! If you are using a standard Uno, you will need extra components or shields to make a connection with the internet. I will personally use the ESP8266 or another arduino board with built in wifi(like the arduino Yun) instead just to keep it simple.

Hope it goes well sir!


The Ebook emphasises the ESP8266 without connection to an Arduino. Is that the way to go?

Correct. The ESP8266 is substantially more capable than the UNO (which is the wrong form factor for most projects in any case, the Nano is more suitable), so the UNO is superfluous. I2C expanders (or SPI) can be used to provide more I/O, but a WeMOS D1 Mini is a pretty good starter for most projects.

Thanks much to both responders, the EnglishScone and the Paul___B. I think I will try both the Yun and the WeMOS DI Mini.

One of them is cheaper - by a factor of ten. :astonished: