Arduino Uno and NRF51822

Hello guys,

i want to build up a project with Arduino Uno as a main board. The project is supposed to use an DHT11 temperature sensor. I want to get these values from DHT11 and transmit them via NRF51822 to other devices for example on smartphones.

How can i configure the NRF51822 to work with Arduino Uno? Is this possible at all?

NRF51822 module picture is attached on this post.

Thanks in advance guys.

Google is your best friend , with the likes of Adafruit offering advice on use . I did spot this tho ....

“This is a product for ADVANCED USERS - At this time we recommend this product for people who are either OK with using the apps available (Nordic's UART demo or our Bluefruit LE Connect) or are comfortable with writing iOS apps (and can refer to our App repository). We do not have a tutorial for writing your own iOS or Android BLE app at this time, don't worry we're working on one :slight_smile:

Adafruit have written an awesome guide to help you setup your nRF8001 Bluetooth Low Energy breakout, and start using some of the sample sketches we provide with it to connect to an iOS or Android device.

If you're new to Bluetooth Low Energy, be sure to check out the Introduction to Bluetooth Low Energy learning guide as well!”

Why not just use a nRF51832 and skip the Arduino. It has a cortex M4 onboard. You can even use the Arduino IDE. The 51822 has a cortex M0 you don’t need the Arduino.