Arduino Uno + CNC Shield + Laser = SLA 3D Printer ?

Hello, One and all :smiley:

I am new to the club and gathering information and collecting any bit of help to create this project.

So I wanted to build a 3D Printer… On the cheap… :o … How original :stuck_out_tongue:

I purchased a Geekcreit® CNC Shield UNO-R3 Board 4xA4988 Driver Kit With Heat Sink For Arduino Engraver 3D Printer a while back and was suckered into the 3D part of it… Lack of research on my behalf. :fearful:

Anyway, I am trying to salvage \ create a 3D printer regardless.

I have read many forum discussions and have parted with the idea that creating a 3D printer with filament and extruder is OUT!

BUT I did come across that the Arduino Uno + CNC Shield + Laser could be used as a laser engraver. Which makes it interesting. But the Z-axis was primarily used to turn on the laser.

Then I came across this youtube vid How to Make CNC Laser Engraver at home and at the 4min 13sec mark he shows how he wires it up. Without using the z-axis to enable the laser.

I am a little confused and wanted to know if someone could help figure out if this is a diode or just some glue ahahhaha. Please see attached.

Within the attached picture is the wiring of what I was able to put together for enabling the laser via SpnEn.

Now the actual questions…

Can I make an SLA 3D printer, where I can utilise the Z-axis to lower the print bed into the bath of resin and create a 3D Print?

Can I still use Grbl + Gcode sender or what software should I be using?

Any information would be appreciated

Kind regards

A laser is usually controlled from the spindle output and your link says that the board has "PWM Spindle and direction pins" so hat should leave the three axes free for controlling motion.

You will probably get more useful info on a Forum that deals with 3D printing such as the Reprap Forum or a CNC Forum.

This Forum is primarily intended to help people write their own Arduino programs.