DIY Laser Engraver with old DVD/CD parts + Arduino Uno + GRBL v1.1

I am kind of lazy, so I built this with "easiest" way -- keeping laser stationary, this reduce some complexity. This is perfect way to learn GRBL and CNC control.

Some important notes: the CNC Shield sold in (or bought from) China are of V3 version, it is not compatible with latest GRBL v1.1, so the spindle should be connected to Z+.


Arduino Uno + CNC Shield V3 + GRBL v1.1. Note, with CNC Shield V3 and GRBL v1.1 (starting from v0.9), Spindle EN is PWM signal and is wired to Z+ on the board.

Motor Driver:

DRV8279, both X and Y axis are set to 1/32 microstepping mode to smooth out motion

GRBL v1.1 Setup:

$100=213.333 $101=213.333, download link: Releases · gnea/grbl · GitHub


Generic 500mW laser module with PWM input. Note, maximum of GRBL S (set spindle speed) command is 1000, so S400 is 400/1000=40% power.


Two mechanical parts from old CD/DVD player are used. Of course, you can buy the CD/DVD player themselves. Most of the motor used in these is 18 degree motor (20 steps per revolution) and the pitch of the lead screw is 3mm. Therefore, for GRBL $100 and $101 parameter at 1/32 microstepping mode, it is (20 * 32) / 3 = 213.33 steps/mm

Computer Software:

InkScape 0.92, download link:
Universal G-code Sender, download link: UGS...

Watch It On Youtube

And for those from China who can not view Youtube, Watch It Here

Another construction using aluminum T-Slot extrusion bars. This one, the laser module moves on X axis. Over all goal is to make it easy to construct and play with GRBL and have fun.

Video on Youtube

Video for those in China