Arduino UNO + Ethernet module (ENC28J60) - Wchih library to control the LEDs

I have:

I found some libraries, one other not working properly. Just in those libraries where there are examples of controlled LEDs over the web, I can not run, arduino Loading a program without any problem, but when entering the page does not load. I noticed that there is a lot of libraries to arduino ethernet shield, and this module is somehow different? Someone who has a solution or a tutorial for the installation and selection module library is designed for switching lighting via website.
I took the example of this guide, but after adding the library can not even compile the program; /

The ENC28J60 only provides raw Ethernet connections. To use TCP/IP you have to implement that in the Arduino library and that take up a lot of the available SRAM. That leaves very little SRAM for whatever you want to do. There are three ways to work around the problem: 1) Switch to an Arduino Ethernet Shield which includes the TCP/IP functions in the WS5100 chip 2) Switch to an Arduino MEGA 2560 which has more SRAM and FLASH. 3) Re-write your sketch to use less SRAM.