Arduino Uno + Ethernet Shield 2

Hello guys, this is my first post in here, I have a team project going on at school at the moment and we are all new to the Arduino world and we are trying to somehow connect our Arduino which is using an Arduino Ethernet Shield 2 to Firebase. However, we are unable for some reason to use the FirebaseArduino.h library we keep getting an error saying that there's no such file or directory in the libraries folder for the Arduino libraries even though the library is there.

After doing some research I think we came with the conclusion that the Arduino is unable to use the library or send https or HTTP requests on its own or without the right hardware, but we also found out that they might be a way to send data to the firebase realtime database with PHP. Are there any tutorials that you guys are aware off that could really help us with this problem, it would be very much appreciated.

Also if it is not possible to send data with PHP with only using an Arduino Uno + Ethernet Shield 2 also letting us know that would be helpful. If you know any other routes for this type of problem we would appreciate it, thank you.