Arduino UNO - Forced / Timed Relay Outputs

My wish is to be able to control a number of relays with an Arduino UNO. One suggestion might be to be able to control the relays from a web page (preferably both time control and manually be able to switch the relays on / off) Maybe once a day, correct the clock and date in Arduino UNO from an NTP server.

I found a similar project.: Arduino Ethernet Web Server + SD Card + Jquery to control the relay (but no code)

I have not full control if the hardware below works together. If the memory in the Arduino UNO will be enough? Hardware .: - Arduino UNO - Ethernet card - HanRun Ethernet shield HR911105A with SD-card (16GB) - Relay card - Velleman Input/Output Shield Kit for Arduino UNO KA05

Software .: - WEB server? - Possibly be able to read the status of the various relays with a PC. - ON / OFF buttons and a timer for relays. ( webpage / xml- file or... ) - Use of NTP server for time correction.

Have tested the different Arduino shields and they seems to work individually

Is there a similar example to use in my case? Where to begin?