Arduino uno Interfacing with IC problems

Everytime I try to read an ADC output voltage from an IC, my Arduino seems to start outputing 5V instead of reading the voltage values. If I hook IC output to a multimeter I can see the right value, but as soon as I connect it to Arduino pin it starts reading a value around 4-5V. I did connect the ground of arduino to the ground of the powersupply. Even tried to use pinMode command but nothing works. PLease help as soon as anyone can. I am trying to read output from LM35, ACS 712 current sensor, MAX4173 current sensor. Thanks

Can you upload a photo of it, so we can check the wires.
Can you upload your sketch between code tags ?
You can use the ‘#’-button for the [code][/code] tags.
And Please, don’t cross-post.

is there a current running through the current sensors? just curious.

You are sharing supply and ground between Arduino and the sensor ICs ?