Arduino UNO Low Pass Filter With Resonance - Update Correct Link

Quick demo here -

Will publish the code in a day or two and update this post with the link.

Let me know what you think

Duane B

Great! Do you think it would work with auduino?

Sounds great DuaneB, looking forward to the code link and schematic. Do the 3 pots to the left in the vid have functions?, or does it only use 2 like the Illutron B?


The board in the video is something I use for prototyping, its just an Arduino UNO, five pots, a linear pot and an LM386 Amplifier circuit, partly held together with hot glue.

LM386 Amp -

The pots control - pitch, LFO Speed, filter cutoff and resonance. I have run the Illutron B and the Auduino on this board.

The filter is very demanding in terms of processing power, but its still fast enough to run the four channel Illutron B so should easily drop into anything else thats out there.

With any luck Moshang will drop it into his groovesizer

Tidying up the code for release this weekend.

Duane B

How's this coming along DuaneB, releasing soon? :)