Arduino Uno "On-Led" and "L-Led" blinking red - First Time

I bought an Arduino Starter Kit. Ok its not an original arduino uno, but thats ok. I am completly new to arduino and so...

Well i first installed the Arduino IDE from their website (1.6.9) and after that i connected my arduino uno board with the shipped usb cable and when i plugged it in windows immidently tried to install the driver.

But after a while the circle turned into a red X which means dump windows wasn't able to install the drivers.

Well the IDE doesn't show me any board in Tools -> Port ... only COM1 which is not mine! The Driver manager neither shows me anything what sounds like Arduino :(.

Anyone can help me? as i have written it into the Title the On-Led and the L-Led are blinking red!

i am new to arduino.


Screenshots :

i have to use my dropbox because everytime i use the attachment option, i get an 413 website error. Anyway just focus on the real problem :(pg?dl=0


spycatcher2k: Search the forum for CH340 driver

spycatcher2k: Search the forum for CH340 driver

No Way!! :OO There's no way that you have found out which arduino that is :D

Man, ok i'm installing the Drivers now, it looks like you know every arduino board :D

EDIT: i downloaded the zip and unpacked it. I have a bunch of files in the Driver1 folder and a setup.exe.. well but there is a folder called : DRVSETUP64 and in it is a DRVSETUP64.exe.

should i run the setup.exe or the DRVSETUP64.exe? I have a 64-Bit System so maybe the second one?

Ok, setup.exe installed.

Yes! Now Windows installed succesfully the drivers for COM3 and the Driver Manager recognizes the Arduino Board!

I think my problem is solved :)

Sometimes when you buy a clone the 'ON' LED is only single colour which is Red, no need to worry. And the 'L' LED blinks because the Blinking LED program is pre-installed for 500ms delay for ON and OFF time.

Download the USB Serial CH340 driver (also for Windows 10) from and install it.

Then goto Tools > Port > COMxx and check if the port is same as in your Device Manager > Ports > COMxx.

Tip: You may need to update your software from your Boards Manager (Tools > Boards"xx" > Boards Manager > ""Your Board"') and then repeat the process again.

Remove your board from the USB, restart your computer, connect your board, open Arduino IDE.

Hopefully this will help.