Arduino UNO or Arduino MEGA to run a 16x16 neopixel matrix similar to Adafruit?

Hi everyone, :slight_smile:

Someone gave me a 16x16 neopixel matrix (similar to Adafruit one). I am a beginner. What do I need to use: An Arduino UNO or an Arduino Mega?

I have been reading in other websites that Arduino UNO has short memory but I am not sure… I will use this matrix on a T-shirt so I prefer to have a board as tiny as possible.

flexible led matrix1.jpg

The amount of data depends on what you want to show on the matrix. Large sequences of patterns can be stored in flash, (external) EEPROM or on a SD card.

It also depends on how you store the data. If you only store the changes from one frame of the pattern to the next then the amount of data you have to store can drop dramatically.

It will take 768 bytes to store a full frame.