Arduino uno r3 not working!

Hi, two years ago my Arduino uno stopped to work and now I found it. The problem is this - my laptop can’t see my Arduino. I was trying to write the bootloader but without success. I don’t want to throw it away and by new one because I think this board can be alive.
Also when I turn on my board, the L and On leds are working but not blinking.

Maybe I need to check something on the board? Maybe check some elements on the board? But I don’t know what could happened with my board, it just stopped work.

Can someone help me please? I’m sorry for my English.

does your computer know the board has been plugged in, or does it just not show up in the ide?

Let's try to narrow down the problem, use another Arduino like the one you have and see if your laptop sees it, if so it is your board. In that case you can use the working board to program the failed unit.

Can you remember what kind of project you were working on 2 years ago?

Regarding the L led, it depends if the currently loaded sketch actively controls it; if it's configured as input, it's quite normal that it is permanently on. I have the same behaviour on my original Unos but my RedBoard behaved differently due to different electronics diving the led. So it's not necessarily an indication that something is wrong.

I struggle to remember what I hade for breakfast some days. :rofl:

It just not show up in the ide, but the others boards like arduino nano it is shown in the ide

Something with leds, buttons. I can’t remember what I did, but two years ago I only knew how to flash the LED and basic knowledge


Also I did control of the LEDs using the remote control

That's a symptom, not the cause.

What does your operating system think about the board? In Windows, device manager; in Linux (and possibly Mac) lsusb and dmesg?

My linux operating system does not see the board. When I enter the lsusb command the board is not displayed

That means that, at a minimum, the 16U2 (shown below) is no longer behaving.

The safe way: buy another one.

You can try to burn the firmware on it via the 6 pins at the right of it but I never had to do it so not sure what is involved.

Alternatively, you can use something like, connect TX, RX, DTR and GND and 5V to the Uno and try to upload a sketch.

Note that you more than likely have abused the board in some way (not intentionally) and other components might have been damaged as well. You should definitely mark the board as "unreliable" because it might suddenly give problems for no obvious reason.

Thank you! I’ll try to burn the firmware

I have uno R3 used 3~4 year,upload a sketch to very many ,
I try atmega328p on pull out alone ,is Working!!
so ,I think 16U2 is have been damaged on uno, :sleepy:

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