Arduino Uno-Raspberry Pi 2 IDE

Hi guys I have just had for a present an Arduino Uno R3 and a new Raspberry Pi 2 running RASPBIAN Debian Wheezy, i want to instal and use the arduino ide on the Raspberry Pi 2 to program the Arduino Uno,

After using the code to download and instal the arduino ide. "sudo apt-get install arduino"

Do I need to download instal anything else to get updates full functionality ect ect as the new ide is 1.6.2

Please note ive never used these devices before but want to learn

Looking over the posts about installing IDE 1.6.2 in non-ARM linux systems, you will see it is not trouble-free. I expect it will be a while before it is ready for ARM.

Thank you i just checked its running 1.0.1 arduino ide is there any way to get a more upto date ide say 1.0.6 or something thanks

1.0.1 runs perfectly happily and until you are doing more advanced stuff, 1.0.1 is perfectly adequate. Enjoy!

Actually 1.6.2 is not that hard to get running, takes a little bit of time though

1.6.3 on the other hand is not playing nice as I can not get it to find the system compilers.

Have A Great Day