Arduino uno Rev2 wifi web server http library

Does Arduino have a http library, that can parse an in coming GET or POST request, and provide us the data, as in the esp8266 library? Not to compare, but something user friendly helps us concentrate more on us working on the actual problem than breaking head over string parsing logic.
Just for reference esp web server class has classes like object.args(), object.argName(), object.arg().

I think, I did a reasonable search to find such class, but I could not find one. Almost all examples assume, the arduino to act as a web client, and not as server.

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it would be the WebServer library

Ah, Thank you so much @Juraj.

Oh, I see the WiFiWebServer and Servo library does not work along.
Looks like both work based on timers.

Any workaround to get them working?

WiFiWebServer library doesn't use timers

yes yes, I got it. I read the code and found my mistake in my sketch.

I had declared and defined a function with return type as String, but I never returned anything from the function, resulting in no compilation error, but a run time error.

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